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Cosa dicono gli stranieri...

Ta meg deg til stille stier

Una pellegrina norvegese, Liv Alstedt, ha partecipato nel 2008 con il marito Jorgen al pellegrinaggio organizzato dall' associazione Gruppo dei Dodici da Formia a Roma. Un'esperienza molto importante per lei, tanto che ha voluto ricordarlo con una descrizione corredata da foto. Incoraggiata da amici decise di metterla in stampa e ne risultò un opuscolo molto piacevole di cui diamo il fronetespizio e l'indice.
Chi ne volesse una copia può conttatare la nostra associazione e provvederemo a fornire il contatto con Liv.
Siamo molto grati alla nostra amica, perchè quest'iniziativa contribuisce in modo interessante a fare conoscere la Via Francigena nel sud del Lazio.

So nice to hear from you again!

Dear Gruppo dei Dodici,
So nice to hear from you again!

Yes, springtime is wonderful, and we are all enjoying it here, when the sun comes through and makes life colorful and joyful.
Yesterday I even saw some people bathing in a lake! No, absolutely not me, I prefer much warmer temperatures. But in June, when we return to Italy, there should be better possibilities to see me in the water...

I have tried to answer your questionaire, and I hope that you and your friends in the group of 12 can use it. If it is possible to make a fantastic walk even better, then I hope to support you with that.

All our friends here are fine. Thursday this week we will meet to exchange photos, telling stories from our walk together and eat some olives. Elin will not come, it is quite a long trip for her to go to Copenhagen, but she is doing well and she is very eager to make promotion for Via Francigena – so next year there will also be Danish participants on the pilgrimage, now you are warned!

We have received so many photos from Michele, Nicola, Frantz and Jessie, and Janne and I have our own pictures too, so the pilgrimage is very well documented. With all those photographers around it is not necessary for you to think about that – you can just concentrate on organizing a splendid walk for us, and be a “burning soul” for the idea of reviving the old pilgrim’s route and giving people the experience to walk in the footsteps of generations of pilgrims before us. “All routes lead to Rome” – well, maybe, but the route from Jerusalem is unique and has a special place in our common history. You has the very great privilege to show this route to the world, to mayors and bishops, to Italians and foreigners, to young and old, to men and woman.

Keep on burning, Alberto!
And, as it is the season of Pentecost: May the Holy Spirit be with you!

Pax et bonum

Reflections after my pilgrimage at “Via Francigena” april 2010

Reflections after my pilgrimage at “Via Francigena” april 2010

When I went to Italy from Danmark in april 2010, I hoped to meet some of the local Italians. - That`s an ambition for many tourists I think,- and also for pilgrimates, who surge to be a part of a fellowship or a group in stead of travelling alone. (Otherwise you would just take a charter )
I was never left on my own at that trip- in spite of the moments where I preferred to be on my own.
All the time you are surrounded by very helpfull,patient and happy italiens, who are considerate towards you in a generous and charming way. – Always ready to guide you into Italian culture, history ,gastronomy ,music and so on. I think that is what makes this pilgrimage special and more colorful than any other I have heard of: that these enthusiastic people in “Gruppo dei dodici “ show you so many different aspects of the Italian way of life – now and in the past.

I also think that the leaders of the group are very sympathetic to what the individual needs might be for the participants during the walk. I experienced how these people made me do things I would never do at home.. For example I suddenly found myself sitting in a small village ( Sermoneta) on a scene playing the keyboard together with “ the grand old pilgrim” ( Alberto ) who played the flute . In that way we introduced the pilgrimage to people who passed in the street. – It became both a funny and good way of showing the locals what pilgrimage-friendship can be,and to tell about “Via Appia”

In a monastery in Cori we were even invited to be guests at a dedication for four young monks .
It was for me a big and special experience ,which I would never get on a common travel. - To join around 300 others in a service and to eat together with the whole congregation afterwords. – Here and everywhere we were received as special guests with all the privileges it gives. For me it also became a way of building bridges between churches in north and south of Europe.

I have tried to answer your questionaire, and I hope that you and your friends in the group of 12 can use it. If it is possible to make a fantastic walk even better, then I hope to support you with that.

The nature carries this trip in a unique way .It is simply wonderfull . And if you haven’t been religious before I think ,that walk open the eyes of even the hardest ateist.
-Lemontrees, olivetrees , green mountains and white cows in a paradise of flowers and grasses-
I haven’t got enough superlatives …

Elin Skoven